Their clothing was identical.

An attempt to stamp out

the concept of the individual.

They said it would lead to equality,

but they wonder why we have no identity.

It was the crusade of our rector,

to have high standards of dress.


Rosy Retrospection

His small eyes swivel around.

They rest on you, eying your poodle skirt warily.

You daren’t breathe,

although that could be up to your new nylon slimmer.

You can hear the small voice

coming through the telephone receiver. Apple butter.

“What are you doing giving our telephone number to a Negro?”


“I’m Unemployed.”

“Since when?”

Since my world fell apart.

Since the darkness consumed me.

Since the day reality ceased to function.

Since I woke up inside a dream.

Since my brain broke into two unequal pieces.

“Since yesterday.”


Harmless Indulgences

Sometimes there are things

you just can’t resist doing.

Having one more Malteser.

Picking up abandoned pens at work.

Slipping something from the shop display

into your pocket.

Little things like that.


“Poetry of Life”

Snowstorms are not caused by lingering snow.

Rain is not caused by mackerel coloured skies.

Fine weather is not caused by early mist.

Cold weather is not caused by an easy burning fire.

A cold February is not caused by a warm October.

But, that doesn’t mean we should

forget the maxims of our elders.


You’re Hired!

Then again, maybe you would.

Maybe you would sell your soul

for the success you so fiercely crave.

Maybe you would hurt others

so as to benefit from their misery.

Maybe you would worship

gods of plastic and neon.


Anything for You

We could sit

on the riverbank

with a picnic,

if you want.

Watch the swans

on the water.

Oh, please stop crying.


New World

and snow’s the best we can hope for.

There’s going to be a storm, no doubt.

We could do with some snow.

Gentle flakes, spinning to the Earth,

each as distinct as we are.


Pray for snow, my boy,

pray that it will cover the scars we’ve left on the earth,

pray that it will bury the dead that remain unburied,

pray that it will clean our contaminated world,

pray that we can forget what lies underneath,

even just for a day.

We can pretend this is a new beginning,

our skin frying in the sun’s reflected rays.





a picture of what his life would be like

without me.

Greasy microwave meals,

creased shirts,

dirty bedclothes,

no ring to take off on nights out.