Come the Revolution…

She did not like Agatha.

Agatha was flashy.

She had a big car,

and an even bigger house,

but no family to fill them with.

Agatha was loud, obnoxious, overt.

Agatha was “successful”



Will’s lip curled.

The dog barked.

The woman on the television smiled.

The cars outside rumbled.

The children in the garden laughed.

His golfing trophy remained stubbornly broken on the rug.

You start to cry.



There are all SORTS of luxuries nowadays.

Things that make our lives EASIER,

that make our lives LONGER, that save us TIME.

Things we used to do by HAND

are now done by MACHINES.

And if MACHINES can replace our HANDS,

then what’s to stop them replacing all of us, MOTHER?


A Most Enlightened Individual

Bach, Mozart, above all Beethoven:

my closest friends and greatest accomplices.

Trumpets and trombones transporting the soul

to pastures greener.

Violin solos that snatch breath

with their beauty.

It’s good for drowning out the screams.


The Decade of Conformity

after I’d done my two years’ National Service,

the pictures on the television were in colour,

Korea was no longer at war,

Eisenhower was President,

and there was a vaccine for polio.

It was almost churlish to feel

so empty in such halcyon days.


“Fille de Michel-Ange”

In the sixteenth century,

religious scenes were fired with tin glazes,

the Magi’s robes came alive in colour.

Sculptures made from limewood hung from church rafters,

and Michaelangelo returned to Florence.

He rendered the night sky his daughter,

and granted her eternal rest.



During the period around the birth of Christ,

Augustus was Emperor in the West,

Ai was Emperor in the East.

Wars were waged and lost,

their armies lost to the sands of time.

But the moon of their sky,

is the moon of our sky.



The Islanders earned their livelihood by

hunting, fishing and agriculture.

These were quiet times,

when everyone knew everybody else,

and the church was full on a Sunday.

But now, all that is left are salt-blasted ruins,

and the wind whispers in a forgotten tongue.


Stay in the Light

He has kept alive the smouldering embers,

acutely aware of the fate that awaits him,

when the fire dies.

He can see their eyes glowing,

in the faint light of the sputtering flame.

And can almost feel their breath

on his neck.